GNDB0039-Whitney Morgan & Sahrye-The next thing I knew she had me tied up!

14:25 video

Whitney and her male partner are holding Sahrye hostage, When the man has to leave somewhere, he ties Sahrye up and gags her. He then leaves Whitney there to keep an eye on their captive until he returns. But having a thing for other pretty girls, Whitney cannot keep her hands off of Sahrye and soon she is distracted. So distracted that she doesn't notice Sahrye is getting her hands loose. All of a sudden Sahrye is loose and gets control of Whitney. She makes her help Sahrye finish getting untied. Then Sahrye makes Whitney get on her knee and out her hands behind her back. Before she knows it, Whitney finds she is the one who is now all tied up. Then Sahrye stuffs her mouth with panties and tapes Whitney up to gag her. Whitney knows that when her partner gets back and finds that Sahrye has turned the tables on her, she is going to be in a lot of trouble. So she needs to get loose. But Sahrye will have none of that and using more rope, she trusses Whitney up good and tight. Then just for good measure, she pulls Whitney's bra down. So sometime later when her partner returns he will find Whitney struggling bound and gagged with her tits out.

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