GNDB0047-Star Nine-She wanted the man next door to find her tied up and gagged.

14:25 video

Star had a side job of baby sitting the boys from next door during the day while their parents were at work. Both she and the man who also lived near by worked evenings and Star had the Hots for this older man. Then somehow she found out that the man had a thing for bondage. Something Star also really loved. So today, Star called the man and told him that she needed him to come over. Then before they left for school, Star had the boys she was baby sitting leave her hogtied and gagged in her bedroom. Sometime later, the man arrived and when he could not find her, he went looking throughout the house to find her. When he opened the door to her bedroom, he saw Star struggling bound and gagged on her bed. Believing something bad happened, he told Star that he was going to call for help. But then he saw that Star didn't want him to. When he removed the gag, Star came clean and told him that she knew he was into tying girls up and had the boys from next door tie her up so he could find her like this. She explained to him that she too was into bondage and wanted him to tie her even tighter and more secure so he could take full advantage of her. She also made sure that she didn't wear panties under her dress to make things easier for him when the tie came for him to give it to her. A short time later, Star found herself completely bound and gagged. This time with a big red ball in her mouth. She struggled around hoping it would turn the man on as much as it turned her on. When the man put her in front of a mirror so she could see herself, Star became so turned on and also became inpatient for the part when her takes advantage of her. She didn't have to wait long because a short time later, the man had her re-gagged with her mouth stuffed and taped. He also had her tied face down and spread on her bed so he could climb up behind her and give her what she wanted.

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